The company Olympias S.A. a modern Greek industrial establishment specializing in processing and standardization of frozen mussels. It is located in the Thessaloniki area, where the biggest mussel farms of the Mediterranean mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis can be found. 

       It is the only establishment in Greece that processes frozen domestically farmed mussels.

      It is a modern, fully vertically integrated and processing establishment, which is located in the heart of the mussel farms and is dedicated to the processing of natural domestic mussels from their cultivation in the sea until their standardization and marketing.

         The live mussels used are cultivated in the company's own mussel farms. Our processing installations are located in close proximity to the mussel farms. The location of our establishments, combined with the direct processing and standardization of mussels from our modern production line, ensures the high quality of the final product.

          The sea areas where our mussel farms are locatedare full of nutrients (phytoplankton) on which the mussels feed. This, together with the fact that three big rivers (Axios, Loudias and Haliacmon) flow into this area, results in the creation of the appropriate conditions for the growth of delicious and qualitative shellfish in brackish water.



Mussels Whole shell

Mussels Whole shell

The product "Mussels Whole shell" consists of the whole mussel (both of shell) with their natural juice.

Mussels half shell

Mussels half shell

It consists of the mussel flesh and one half shell. 

Blue Crab

Blue Crab

The blue crab is described perfectly by its scientific name, ''Callinectes sapidus'' (calli-beautiful, nectes-swimmer and sapidus-delicious). In other words, it is a delicious swimmer...

Production process

The production process of mussels begins with their cultivation in their natural habitat. Our mussels are completely naturally grown. In other words, regular mussel farming is...